Friday, June 18, 2021
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Serial Number: KG921
Aircraft Mk & Type Mk VI Liberator
Squadrons: 1673 CU/356
Details: Nosewheel collapsed on landing, Salbani, 15.4.45; DBR
References: AB

KG921/T  Squadron name ‘Twitcher’, was initially flown with a conversion unit and then transferred to 356 Squadron at Salbani.  She carried the Collier crew into one operational flight, the flight having to be abandoned due to engine failure.  Her nosewheel collapsed on landing at Salbani on the 15th April 1945 and she was damaged beyond repair.  Flew operationally with 356 Squadron on 9 occasions.  This B-24, a Mk VI, was one of a batch of 500 delivered between May and December 1944.