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No. 200 Squadron R.A.F.

Description of the Squadron's Badge  
Squadron's Motto:  
Formation date: 1st July 1917
Brief History:

No.200 Squadron was formed at East Retford on 1 July 1917 as a night-flying training unit and retained this role until the end of World War One, disbanding soon after the Armistice.

On 25 May 1941 No.200 reformed at Bircham Newton from a nucleus supplied by No.206 Squadron and its ground echelon left a few days later for West Africa. Seven Hudsons left on 12 June to fly to Gambia and, on arrival at Gibraltar, four of these provided an escort for forty-eight Hurricanes flown off the carriers Ark Royal and Victorious to Malta. The first five Hudsons arrived at Jeswang on18 June and began anti-submarine patrols and convoy escort duties on 30 June. In July 1943 the squadron converted to Liberators, beginning patrols with these on 11 August. No.200 was transferred to India in March 1944 and began patrols from southern India on 28 April. In April 1945 the squadron was transferred to special duties and for a few weeks flew supply-dropping missions to guerrilla bands in Burma before being renumbered 8 Squadron on 15 May

Battle Honours:  
Squadron Bases & Airfields   Equipment Used and Dates
Bircham Newton 25 May 1941   Hudson V       May 1941 - Sep 1943
Jeswang 18 June 1941   Liberator V     July 1943 - Nov 1944
Yundum 12 Mar 1943   Liberator VI    Nov 1944 - May 1945
St. Thomas Mount 29 Mar 1944 - 11Apr1944 (C)    
Jessore5 Apr 1945 to 15 May 1945    
    200 Squadron Liberators
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Does anyone know the serial and squadron ID letters of Lloyd Triggs Mk 5 that he one a VC in in 1943 sinking U-463?