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No. 224 Squadron R.A.F.

Description of the Squadron's BadgeOn a rock, a tower entwined by a serpent drinking from a lamp therein
Squadron's Motto:Fedele all'amico (Faithful to a friend)
Formation date:1/4/1918 from RNAS unit
Brief History:
Disbanded 5/1919. Reformed 2/1937 (General reconnaissance) with Coastal Command and disbanded 11/1947. Reformed 3/1948 as a meteorological unit before transferring to Maritime reconnaissance
Squadron Bases & Airfields Equipment Used and Dates
Detachment Aldergrove Anson I
Limavady Hudson I
St Eval Hudson III
Limavady Hudson V
Detachment Stornoway Tiree Liberator III
Beaulieu Liberator II
St Eval Liberator V
Milltown Liberator VI
St Eval Liberator VIII
No 224 Squadron was formed on 1 April 1918 from Nos.496, 497 and 498 Flights based in Alimini in southern Italy, as part of No.66 Wing, RAF. Equipped with D.H.4s and later, D.H.9s it carried out raids on Austrian bases in Albania and Montenegro and during the last week of the war was engaged in attacking Austrian forces retreating up the Adriatic coast. On 15 April 1919 the squadron was disbanded. On 1 February 1937, No.224 reformed at Manston personnel being supplied by No.48 Squadron. Ansons were receiced after moving to Boscombe down two weeks later and in May 1939 were replaced by Hudsons. These became operational in August and the squadron moved to its war station at Leuchars to fly patrols over the North Sea in search of German ships. Convoy patrols were also flown and after the German invasion of Norway anti-shipping operations began. In April 1941 No.224 moved to Northern Ireland for anti-submarine patrols, a further move being made to Cornwall in December to fly patrols off Brest and attack shipping off the coast of Brittany. In February 1942 the squadron returned to Ulster for two months before moving on to Tiree, where it converted to Liberators in July. These greatly increased the range of patrols over the Adlantic and were brought to southern England in September for anti-submarine operations over the Bay of Biscay and attacks on shipping over the French Coast. With the capture of most of France, No.224 was transferred to Scotland for attacks on U-boats and shipping off the Norweigian and Danish coasts which lasted until the end of the war. Returning to St.Eval in July the squadron converted to Lancasters before disbanding on 10 November 1947. A detachment was based in the Azores for air-sea rescue purposes between July and October 1945. In February 1946, the squadron had been divided into Nos.224X and 224Y Squadrons. No.224Y became No.228 Squadron on 1 June 1946 and Nos.224X reverted to being No.224 Squadron. On 1 March 1948, No.224 reformed at Aldergrove as a meteorlogical reconnaissance squadron equipped with Halifaxes. A detachment was based at Gibraltar which became the squadrons base in August 1951, the last meteorlogical flight having been made on 30 March 1951. At the same time as it moved, No.224 began to convert to Shackeltons for maritime reconnaissance duties and was based at Gibraltar until disbandment on 31 October 1966.
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Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by Bob H #4818
Bob H's Avatar
This Photo is apparently a Liberator from 224 Squadron. I have not been able to confirm this.
Posted: 8 years 2 months ago by Aiden089 #4211
Aiden089's Avatar
Doing research on my Grand Father, Looking for images of 224 sqn aircraft FL965.
Posted: 8 years 6 months ago by John Wilson #4088
John Wilson's Avatar
I am looking for information on behalf of the brother of Percival Weightman who was killed on the 21st of June 1940. He was engaged in a sortie 25 miles off Trondheim, Norway whilst attacking the Scharnhorst. Does anyone have any information on this incident.
John Wilson
Posted: 8 years 7 months ago by hooeey #4072
hooeey's Avatar
WO Hugh Mc Illaney was my cousin,i've got the info above but no photo's ,did you ever receive any?
Posted: 9 years 1 month ago by merlingoosebumps #1896
merlingoosebumps's Avatar
My wife's uncle WO Hugh McIllaney went missing on 07 June 1944 when their Liberator BZ942 based at St Eval was shot down over the Western Channel by U256. We have the list of crew members and we also know that in 1942 he was with 39 Beaufort Squadron in Malta.On 6th September 1942 he was wounded in the thigh when his aircraft was attacked by enemy fighters off Corfu.
Any other information or photographs etc. would be much appreciated.