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No. 220 Squadron R.A.F.

Description of the Squadron's Badge On a pellet between two eight-pointed stars, a torch enflamed
Squadron's Motto: ΚΑΘΟΡΩΜΕΝ ΑΙΣΤΟΙ (We Observe unseen)
Formation date: September 1918
Brief History:

No.220 Squadron was formed in September 1918 at Imbros from Nos.475, 476 and 477 Flights for fighter and reconnaissance duties in the Aegean. It flew Camels until disbanded in December 1918 as part of the No.62 Wing operating against the Turks,
On 17 August 1936 No.220 reformed at Bircham Newton as a general reconnaissance unit equipped with Ansons On the outbreak of World War Two it began patrols from Thornaby and by November 1939 had converted to Hudsons. These it used for anti-shipping missions off Norway and the Dutch Coast from May 1940 In April 1941 the squadron moved to northern Scotland for attacks on coastal shipping and harbours in Norway and in November supplied a detachment to operate the surviving Fortresses of No. 90 Squadron in the Middle East for two months. The home-based element of the squadron began conversion to Fortresses in January 1942 and became operational on 29 April from Northern Ireland. In March 1943 No. 220 moved to Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides for seven months before being transferred to the Azores where it began to convert to Liberators in December 1944. For the rest of the war it flew anti-sub marine patrols over the South Atlantic, returning to the UK in June 1945, to join Transport Command. Trooping flights to India began in October and continued till the end of April 1946. On 25 May 1946 No. 220 was disbanded.
On 24 September 1951 the squadron reformed at Kinloss as a maritime reconnaissance unit with Shackletons being renumbered 201 Squadron on 1 October 1958. On 22 July 1959, it was reformed at North Pickenham as a Thor strategic missile squadron disbanding on 10 July 1963.

Squadron Bases & Airfields   Equipment Used and Dates
Imbros, Sep 1918 to Dec 1918   Camel - Sep 1918 - Dec 1918

Bircham Newton, 17 Aug 1936

  Anson 1 - Aug 1936 - Nov 1939
Thornaby, 21 Aug 1939   Hudson I, 111, VI - Sep 1939 - Feb 1942
St. Eval (D) 6 Nov 1940 to 28 Apr 1941   Fortress 1 - Nov 1941 - Jul 1942
Wick, 1 Mar 1941 (D) to 28 Apr 1941 (All)   Fortress II, Iia - Jul 1942 - Apr 1945
Nutts Corner, 9 Jan 1942   Fortress lII - Jul 1944 - Apr 1945
Ballykelly, 20 Jun 1942   Liberator VI - Dec 1944 - May 1946
Aldergrove, 14 Feb 1943   Liberator VIII - Jul l945 - May 1946
Benbecula, 13 Mar 1943    
Left for Azores 9 Oct 1943 (G)    
Lagens, 18 Oct 1943 (A)    
St. Davids, 30 May 1945 (A)    
Waterbeach 22 Sep 1945 to 25 May 1946    
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Posted: 3 years 8 months ago by TortyR #5532
TortyR's Avatar
Hello there Taylor family. My uncle was also with the 220 in the Azores from Dec 44 to April 45. His name is Frank Rogers,, he was a Seargent and rear gunner. Apparently got shot down a couple of times. Also his 1st pilot was F/L Shaak.
Regards Andy Rogers.
Posted: 5 years 5 months ago by TortyR #4854
TortyR's Avatar
Hi Mark, I\'ve been doing some research for my uncle regarding the 220 squadron in the azores. He was also a rear gunner in liberators during ww2. I am not sure what his plane was named, but I will be asking that question.
I am guessing by you saying that your father is , that he is still about. As is my uncle, who has just turned 90. I have a list of names of my uncles flight that maybe your father might remember. My uncle is Sgt Frank Rogers, there was also :-

and F/SGT KING. (this could possibly be Kent, waiting to hear back from uncle).

Hope this is of help.
Kind regards Andy Rogers.
Posted: 5 years 5 months ago by TortyR #4853
TortyR's Avatar
Hi there, my uncle Frank Rogers, was also in the 220 squadron at the same time as your late father. I don\'t think he went to waterbeach after the azores. His rank was Sgt Frank Rogers, and he was a rear gunner. He sent me some pictures , and one is of a mk4 liberator being loaded with bombs by the ground crew. The liberator has the identity of your fathers plane . ZZ-E. If you can send me your e-mail address, I could send you a copy of this picture.
Regards Andy Rogers.
Posted: 5 years 6 months ago by DrWatkins #4848
DrWatkins's Avatar
Thank-you for this information Matt. I will endeavour to find his logbooks. My father was a pilot during the war on both Lancaster Bombers and Liberators (in Canada) When I find more information I will email you.
Thanks again Matt
Posted: 5 years 6 months ago by Matt_Poole #4842
Matt_Poole's Avatar
Hi, Philip,

Presumably he was aircrew. What position? When was he with 220 Sqn?

I am guessing that you do not have his logbook, which would provide a wealth of info.

Your best bet is probably at The National Archives in Kew, London -- where the 220 Squadron Operations Record Book is held. ORBs vary greatly in detail, even from month to month. They can be awesome in their rich detail. Or large swaths can be missing. Or compiled by clerks who put no effort into recording history. Or filled with erroneous serial numbers (159 Sqn\'s ORB suffers this problem at times). If you have a logbook, though, you can cross-reference, though you\'re bound to find discrepancies.

You can order digital scans from the 220 Sqn ORB, too. I\'m not familiar with the current procedure, however.

Good luck,

Posted: 5 years 6 months ago by DrWatkins #4839
DrWatkins's Avatar
My father, Montague Watkins was Flight Lieutenant 153957 in RAF 220 Squadron.
Greatly appreciated if anyone can give me any leads to further information about my father.
Kind Regards
Dr Philip Watkins
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Posted: 7 years 11 months ago by mark brumell #4232
mark brumell's Avatar
Hi can anybody help ?,my father is James Fredrick Brumell, in ww2 he was rear gunner and engineer,his 220 squadron plane was named shangarni shower, are any other members off his crew still alive ? perhaps on this site ?if so it would be great to here from you. Regards his loving son mark
Posted: 8 years 8 months ago by Tremic #3928
Tremic's Avatar
Hello Taylor family

My father-in-law Flight Sgt Edward Kent was also a Flight Engineer with 220 squadron and also ended as Warrant Officer at Waterbeach. He served in all the places you mentioned around 1944-45 including the Azores from Sep 1944 - May 1945. We are seeing him tomorrow and will mention the names you have mentioned - if you want to upload one of the photographs you have I can show that to him and maybe he might recognise someone.

Posted: 8 years 8 months ago by ..u #3927's Avatar
Hello Members. I have only just joined your site so still finding my way around. My late father served with 220 Squadron. He was based at St. Eval, Lagens/Azores, Gibraltar, St Davids, and Waterbeach. He was Donald Taylor from Pontypool, South Wales and was a Flight Engineer. He served with a crew whose pilot's surname was Mallinson. Aircraft ZZ-E. I have a wonderful photograph of both air crew [sitting] and ground crew [standing] in front of their aircraft. My father finished as a Warrant Officer at Waterbeach, Cambridge. Can anyone recall him or his crew. David Taylor. [also 224 for a short time.]
Posted: 8 years 9 months ago by Tremic #3882
Tremic's Avatar
Posted: 9 years 1 day ago by Gary #1593
Gary's Avatar