Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Photo shows BZ838 'O', a Mk III Lib of 159 Squadron, after its crash landing at Salbani at 00.56 on 25 Sept 1943. Pilot: Freddie Stokes, who suffered a compound fracture of the left lower leg and was in hospital for months. 2nd Pilot: Tony Johnstone, perforated eardrum. It ended his RAF flying career. Nav: Denis Boissier, residing in S. Africa. Rear gunner: Paddy Goodison Boissier and Stokoe escaped from the top hatch and missed the No. 2 prop running at full speed by inches. They were basically uninjured but were given a full bottle of French cognac to polish off...which they did! Air gunner: Dennis Stokoe - simple fracture to the left hand. Picture & Text Courtesy of Matt Poole.


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